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May 30, 2008

Louis Vuitton Purse cake

This cake was made for a mother & her daughters sharing common May birthdays. The request was to make a Luxurious birthday cake in the shape of Louis Vuitton purse stacked on top of a Luggage suitcase.

The purse is carved from a sheet cake & covered with chocolate fondant. All the handles & hinges are made of fondant. Gold accents on the purse are hand-painted. The flower sprays are made of gumpaste which are good keepsakes.

It was a very good experience making this cake and I was pretty happy with the outcome.
Here is the back view of the cake Close look of the rose sprays

May 23, 2008

Arte y Pico Award & Top 10 pictures Tag

Dear Swati from Sugarcraft India presented me with this award. Swati is a very encouraging, kind and inspirational blogger friend. Thanks Swati for giving me such an honor. I am extremely happy about it.
I had also been tagged by Swati for a Meme called Top 10 pictures. So here are my favorite ones from the pictures posted so far in this blog.

It was really fun to summarise the posts in this blog. I really enjoyed :-). I further tag

Anamika- The Sugarcrafter
Sujatha- Spicy Khazana
Mansi- Fun n Fud

Hope you will Enjoy!!

May 05, 2008

Magical birthday cakes

These cakes were designed for a 6 year old birthday boy. Harry Potter was the birthday theme. The cake design was totally customized for the birthday boy.

His dad designed a portrait of the boy giving him Harry Potter look & style. This picture was the inspiration for the cover page of the 3D book cake.

Here is the picture of the portrait that was provided to me for the design.

Next, was the 3D Magical castle which sits on top of a scenic mountain. The castle has elaborate detailed decorations. The castle is carved from a sheet cake, covered with buttercream and decorated with a combination of buttercream and fondant accents.

Here is the view of the front of the castle..
Here is a view of the back of the castle...

It was all together a different challenge & an excellent experience to make someone's birthday Truly Magical.