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July 16, 2008

3D Cakes

I was just flipping the old pictures of my cakes & came across these. Just thought lets post it in the blog :-)

Couple years back when I was exploring my new hobby of cake decorating, I got into a spree of making 3D cakes. And I started with fruits as my inspirations. These cakes were a good experience and I was extremely happy with the outcome.

All these cakes are carved to shapes, covered with fondant.

The 3D apple photographed with a real apple.

July 09, 2008

Pooh bear cakes

Pooh bear seems to be the most impressive character for kids, especially with 1 year olds.

This cake was made for a one year old birthday boy. The design is a scene with Pooh bear & his friends in a field with trees and flowers. Pooh bear & friends are just cake toppers. Trees & flowers are edible.
This cake was made for a one year old birthday girl. I call such a design as a "Storybook cake", because the whole design flows into the tiers giving a feeling of reading a story book.

The design represents Pooh bear's tree house by a riverside. There is a big bee hive on the tree with cute honeybees flying. Pooh bear is a birthday candle. Piglet & Tigger are just cake toppers. The trees, flowers, name post & honeybees are all edible.A quick look into back view of the cake....

July 06, 2008

Doctor Retirement cake

This cake was designed for a Doctor's Retirement party. The cake is fully covered with fondant & decorated with fondant accessories.