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October 10, 2007

Fall wreath cake

Fall is a season with great colors. The sight of the changing leaf colors on the trees is outstanding. This cake is designed in the form of a wreath with the colorful fall leaves, pumpkins and squashes.

Here is a closeup view of the cake. Everything is edible and hand made of sugar fondant.


Happy cook said...

Wow you make all these beautifull cakes. Is it a profeesion or hobby.
I am so jealous seeing these beautiful creations :-))

sagari said...

beautiful cakes i will try to make those

Mansi Desai said...

I watch these techniques on Food Network and can see how you might have attempted them on the cake border here...everything edible! that's a huge challenge, and u've lived upto it quite well!:)

I wish I could take up a pastry school course:(

Anitha said...

Thanks all for the compliments!!

Happy cook: It is my hobby which is slowly turning into a profession :-)

Sagari: Thanks.

Mansi desai: It is fun making them. All you need is patience :-). Having everything edible makes it easier to put the cake in front of the kids.