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June 17, 2008

Memoirs of a cake

I participated in the Wilton's 80th Anniversary "Past & Present" cake decorating contest which was held on 14th June at Darien, IL.

My entry was named "Memoirs of a cake" which represented how the cake decorating styles evolved through time. The lower half of the cake represented the "Past" with the lower most tier having ruffles, trellis, swags as the decorations whereas the second lower tier with ornate shapes in cornelli lace and bordered with the Lambeth style. The upper half of the cake represented the "Present" with the non-traditional funky styles of decorations topping off with a gumpaste floral spray.

The celebrity judges for the contest were Colette Peters, Mark Seaman, Debbie Friedman, Laura Ragano. This entry did not win any place except the Award of participation. But, it was a wonderful experience to see others designs.

These were the comments from the judges for my entry.

Judge 1 : Good use of stages of theme
Judge 2: Very nice use of colors & patterns
Judge3: Very creative use of theme
Judge4: The roses are lovely. The detail of the lattice is done very well. The overall style of the cake is very nice and flowed very well.
Judge 5: Nice expression of old & new techniques. Floral spray is beautiful.

Colette Peters demonstrating brush embroidery technique.


Mishmash ! said...

WOW! Congrats :)
You tried Lambeth style?!!! Salutesss :)

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Hi Anitha, I appreciate your effort and am so glad that you met Colette Peters...
The lambeth looks gorgeous..Is it done in royal icing ?
I am yet to try my hand on Lambeth Style..Feel inspired seeing yours..
Great going Anitha!!

Anitha said...

Thanks Mishmash. Yes I tried Lambeth style on the second lowest tier border :-)

I have done an Elegant mum cake previously posted in my blog in Lambeth too...


Anitha said...

Thanks Swati. Yes, it was nice meeting Colette and clearing some doubts I had :-)

All the piped decorations in this cake are done in royal icing. I have done the mum cake (Lambeth style too) with buttercream.

Glad to hear that I am inspiring you :-)


utbtkids said...

Commenting for the first time, but have known about you through Tharini. Long time fan.

The cake looks mouth watering.

Anitha said...

Utbtkids: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment.


Sujatha said...

Hi Anitha, I know nothing about cake baking, but by the look I can say that its one stunning cake! Great work, Anitha!

Anitha said...

Thanks Sujatha for your Great words :-)


Crafty Sugar said...

Well done Anitha,the cake is stunning!

Anitha said...

Crafty sugar Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment.


Jyothi.Ravi said...

I came across your blog by chance. You have a wonderful blog going here. The pics are perfect and the cake themselves are awesome . I have a 4 yr old daughter who eats only cake and nothing else for dessert. Hopefully u can share some tips in decorating . Especially applying the icing so neatly..