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September 30, 2008

Louis Vuitton Handbag

This cake was made for a friend who once told me that she liked my Louis Vuitton cake very much. I loved working on this one.
The cake is covered with fondant. The design details are hand-painted on all sides. All the accents of the purse are also made of fondant.
Here are the different views of the handbag..


anudivya said...

Impeccable! How does one ever cut into a cake like that?

Seriously gal, I am gonna keep bugging you till you enter into some competition of sorts, you are very talented!
I wish you lived close to me, and I could watch you create all these sweet wonders...

Crafty Sugar said...

Well done Anitha!beautiful!

Indranee said...

Can't believe Anitha...this is so gorgeous, wonderful work! Wish you a very happy Navratri and Durga Puja!

Pravs said...

amazing ! looks so much like a real handbag. Good job !!

anudivya said...

Anitha, in answer to your question about the chutney (for the baked vadais)... It is coconut chutney, but I added so many red chillies, that it has a hue of red :) As you can see, I love spicy food!

marjlet said...

tu sei un artista!

Rosie said...

Oh this is stunning Anitha - well done!!

Rosie x

Anitha said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments.

Anudivya: Decorations are just for visual appeal.Every cake has to get sliced so that it can capture your taste buds :-)

Crafty sugar: Thanks!

Indranee: Thanks & Wish you the same.

Pravs: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment.

Anudivya: Thanks for answering my question. Those vadas sounds so healthy.

Marjlet: Thanks!!

Rosie: Thankyou very much!


Kitchen Flavours said...

Awesome looking cake.

vandana rajesh said...

This is simply gr8. What creativity and talent.

Anitha said...

Kitchen Flavours & Vandana Rajesh- Welcome to my blog & Thanks for the comment.

Anudivya: For your question of me entering in contests, I did participate in a local county fair & won the first prize. I also participated in a Wilton contest & received just a Certificate of participation. I will definitely look forward for more contests in the future :-)


Uj said...

Wow.. cake looks really nice. I would not have the mind to cut it though..I saw all your cakes each one looks so good..:)

SweetBites said...

wow anitha, this cake looks so real and i might mistake it 4 ur handbag. luv ur pink castle cake too. u r truly a genius. keep inspiring us with more of ur work.

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi anitha
lovely purse..beautifula visual impact and very very neat finsh...well done, dear !

anudivya said...

Awesome Anitha... I am glad your talents are being showcased to the world. I am very happy.

By the way, if I want to make a small no fuss fondant covered cake with minimal decorations... what are the raw materials I would need? Is there a place I can check out the entire process? Kneading fondant, covering, decorating etc etc. I think I got the cake part... but fondant never worked with it before. I am curious and want to try my hand on it.
Would love your inputs.