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December 28, 2007

Pooh bear Birthday Cake

This 2 tier Pooh bear theme cake was made for a two year old birthday boy. The entire cake theme was designed to match the Pooh bear story environment. It consisted of the Pooh bear log-house under a tree, some fields of flowers with fence and Pooh bear friends Eeyore and Tigger near by the fence. Since Pooh bear is always associated with honey, I included lots of honeybees flying here and there.

The topper of the cake consisted of a sugar-made number 2 and a Pooh bear candle next to it.

The kids in the party had fun eating the sugar flowers, chocolate fence, sugar honeybees, icing house and the trees.
Closeup of the Top tier of the cake
Closeup of the bottom tier of the cake.


Bharathy said...

God! you made the whole story and scene on those tiers!..AWESOME!!!
err..who is that lucky kid BTW?;)
Hope you had a great Xmas..
Wishing you and ur family a Happy New year!
Anitha..r u a malayalee?


Amazing work Anitha!! Loved all the detailing..
Did you also model the other characters..
Happy new year to you n ur family!!

Rosie said...

Oh my Anitha such an amazing cake!! Ahh what a treasure of a cake for a little one, adorable!! Love all the characters but eeyore has to be my favourite heehee kid at heart here ;) I bet someone’s eyes lit up on their birthday!

Happy New Year!

Rosie x

Anitha said...

Thanks all for your wonderful comments!

Bharathy: The lucky kid is one of my friend's son. I'm a tamilian

Sugarcraft india : The characters are novelty cake toppers. The Pooh is a candle.

Rosie :All the kids on the birthday party enjoyed.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

Ramya said...

Anitha..Ashwin is lucky that he had a cake masterpiece on his Bday.I'm also sorry that we anyway had to cut it :-( I have posted about your cake in my blog (www.momentswithashwin.blogspot.com).Chk out when u find time.

Anitha said...

Thanks Ramya for giving me the opportunity to make Ashwin's birthday cake. Any masterpiece cake can win everyone's hearts only after it is cut :-)

Thanks for the compliments on my cake in your blog post.


quixb said...

Can you tell me how you made your bees fly???

pooja said...

hey are u from mumbai????