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January 09, 2008

Tinkerbell : A fairytale cake

This 2 tier cake is a story book cake. The fairy Tinkerbell is illustrated in the stories of Peter Pan. She is described as a common fairy who mends pots and kettles, i.e. a tinker , and is often referred to simply as "Tink". She sprinkles pixie dust with her wand to shower magical feelings.

This cake highlighted the birthday of a 5 year old girl. The top tier of the cake is designed to resemble a tree stump. The bottom tier is decorated to resemble the landscapes as in the story book with colorful mushrooms and flowers. The Tinkerbell is a candle.

Here is the closeup of the top tier. The number 5 and all the decorations on the cake are edible and made of sugar.


Rosie said...

You have sprinkled pixie dust around with again a wonderful sugar crafted cake Anitha!!

What a wonderful cake for a five yr old little girl - very special indeed :D

Rosie x


Beautiful cake again Anitha...you do everything so patiently and it always reflects in your work...Really great...cheers!!


Anitha, you've been tagged ..
Do have a look at my blog!!

Anitha said...

Thanks Rosie & Swati for the compliments.

Sugarcraft India: I checked your blog & will try to update on that soon :-)


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear Anitha
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.Your cake works are good and has a very good visual appeal.Try books on character modelling and I know you will excel there, too.

Anonymous said...

Please help I would love to create something for my little ones 5th birthday. Where oh where did you get the sugar pieces for the tinkerbell cake?

Cath said...

That was an amazing cake you made. I also wanted to create a Tinkerbell Birthday Cake for my 3-yr. old daughter. This cake would be perfect for her birthday.

Kavita said...

hey Anitha

this is a very pretty cake.. what did you use to make the shrubs ? and how did you get the lovely green color on your cake?